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Test Scenerio

Jan 3, 2008 at 10:47 AM
**When you enter our Anadolu Bazaar web site, there are;


-user registering and entrance

-last three products advertised

**If user wants to be registered to Anadolu Bazaar:


-kullanici adi




-ev telefon

-cep telefon

**User fills these informations.






**User selects these informations from combobox.

Then he/she pushes the 'Kaydet' button.

**Adres2, ev telefon and cep telefon are optional properties. So user may not fill these properties.

**But if he/she has not filled except above properties, then a caution occurs next to the not filled properties.

**E-mail which is entered must be unique in our database.So that,if user enters an e-mail which had entered before,caution occurs.

Again he/she pushes 'Kaydet' button.

**Then a mail is sent to user's Anadolu mail address. In this mail there is a subscribe code.

You can complete the registering operations from the link in your mail or,

you can click 'Onay Kodu Giris' hyperlink from the mainpage. In addition you enter your

- kullanici adi

-onay kodu


-sifre tekrari

**If you enter wrong subscribe code then a caution occurs and you must enter the true subscribe code.

**Then you enter your password and confirm the password then push 'devam' button.

Now you are a member of Anadolu Bazaar:)

**If you forget your password you can click 'Sifremi Unuttum' hyperlink. Then you enter your mail address.

And pasword is sent to your mail.

Jan 12, 2008 at 4:48 PM
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