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This is a software project about local online shopping. The project is written for Anadolu University students and academicians. The project provides e-commerce efficiently and securely. Users do not spend time for searching merchandise. Also they are not tired of unnecessary dialogues in many shopping centers. In this platform, buyer gives a price offer,
less cost than external agents.
Users can interact with each other in a safety platform. They are all a member of Anadolu University. Students prefers second-hand stuff because of its price. And especially students want to sell their second-hand furnitures , books and electronic stuff, etc.

Hayrettin Çevik Project Manager, Developer
Nevzat Kaya Customer Representative, Developer
Hakan Erdoğan Developer, web design
Onur Ünal Developer
İlhami Savaş Okur Database designer and mssql coder
Şerife Baş Database designer and mssql coder
Olgu Okur Database designer and mssql coder

In local online shopping project extreme programming, codeplex, etc. are used. Applying schedule is easy and planned with extreme programming. Also with extreme programming, the team works together and every member has responsibilities as the others members. With codeplex the code is shared on one environment. In a database class, update-delete-insert-select operations are created. So that writing code is prevented again and again. The IDM group wants to have more professional project in the future.
Local Online Shopping Project Report.doc

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